Wola Uhruska – Orchówek | 47 km (Poland)


Before setting out, call: BP WOLA UHRUSKA (słupki 1012 - 1041), tel. (82) 591 72 00, e-mail:


This is the longest segment of the kayak route, only for the persistent – the less advanced can divide it into two days. To complete it in one go, you need to get up early. The famous Green Velo cycling trail runs through Wola Uhruska. The cycling routeand kayaking route run parallel here. Beyond Wola Uhruska, the river clearly becomes wider. The Sobibór Landscape Parktogether with the Polesie Protected Landscape area together form part of the Western Polesie National Biosphere Reserve. This is the second tripartite cross-border Biosphere Reserve proclaimed by UNESCO in Europe (and the third in the world). On this stretch you will reach Zbereże, where there is a huge clearing. It is here thatuntil recently, the Days of Good Neighbourliness were celebrated. 

As in Kryłów, a pontoon bridge connecting the Polish Zbereże with the Ukrainian Adamchuky
was constructed. The bridge could be used for visa-free travel between the Polish and Ukrainian sides. There are many attractive places to relax on this segment. In Sobibór there is a museum and a memorial site related to the concentration camp that existed here during the Second World War. It is a good idea to visit it earlier in the day by car, as it is quite far from the river. The kayak route ends at the triple junctionof national borders, as does the section of the Bug which forms the border with Ukraine. On this segment, we also come into contact with the Łęczyńsko-Włodawski Lake District and its many picturesque lakes, the most attractive
of which is the Białe Lake in Okuninka, a centre of recreation.The nearest of these is the Glinki Lake, approx. 5 km from the kayak landing area.


• UHRUSK – Dormition of the Holy Mother of God Orthodox Church

• WOLA UHRUSKA – sculptures from aninternational open-air painting and sculpting festival

• SOBIBÓR – Museum of the Former Sobibór Nazi Death Camp and memorial place

ORCHÓWEK – Sanctuary of Our Lady of Consolation; Lake Glinki


Schronisko Młodzieżowe całoroczne, Gimnazjalna 34 , 22-230 Wola Uhruska, (82) 591 52 36,

Ośrodek POMPKA, baza noclegowa Gminnego Ośrodka Sportu i Rekreacji w Woli Uhruskiej Turystyczna 5, 22-230 Wola Uhruska, (82) 591 50 69, 504 477 990,,

Nadbużańskie Stowarzyszenie Agroturystyczne, Parkowa 5, 22-230 Wola Uhruska, 697 718 454

Zajazd GIBSON – Ośrodek Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowy Radosław Lipert, Szkolna 22, 22-230 Wola Uhruska, (82) 591 53 47, 602 491 301,,

DWÓR NAD BUGIEM, Majdan Stuleński, 22-230 Wola Uhruska, 506 458 454,,

BAGNA U MAŃKA Mariusz Karpowicz, Stulno 69C, 22-230 Wola Uhruska, 691 726 914,,

KEMPING GOSiR, Sportowa 1, 22 – 230 Wola Uhruska, 82 591 50 69, Siedlisko Sobibór, Sobibór 30, 22-200 Włodawa, tel. +48 603 999 039,

Sosnowy Bór. Agroturystyka, Sobibór 58, 22-200 Włodawa, tel.(82) 560 76 92


Centrum Turystyki Aktywnej KAJAKI 4U, Przemysłowa 3, 22-200 Włodawa, 505 514 813 ,

Spływy kajakowe Bugiem "Krokodylek", Mostowa 11, 22-200 Włodawa, 504 148 400,,

KAJAKIEM PO BUGU, Mieczysław Omelczuk, Różanka 232, 22-200 Włodawa 508 691 440,

Gminny Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji, ul. Sportowa 1, 22-230 Wola Uhruska (82) 591 50 69, 504 477 990

About trail:


Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship


47,7 km


Stulno, Zbereże, Sobibór


10 godzin