Strzyżów (Łukaszówka) – Horodło | 27 km (Poland)


Apart from the ALS, exiting the water is almost impossible. The banksin this segmentare high and overgrown with forest and dense vegetation. Before setting out, plan your stops well. Before setting out, call:.
BG Hrubieszów (słupki 853 - 882), tel. (84) 697 56 00, mail:


Green, spacious places on the Bug mark the beginning and end of this segment of the route. To get to the launching site,drive down from Husynne to the asphalt road at the beginning of the village. Remain in the Bug River Protected Landscape Area. On this segment, there may be fallen tree blockages: first, 800 m from the starting place in Strzyżów itself, and the other near the village of Komora. 

Itis a good idea to check the state of the river before the start of this stage, and if information about a blockage is confirmed and you have such apossibility, then it is best to transport the kayaks directly to Strzyżów. At least once you can avoid a very uncomfortableexit and the necessity to drag the kayaks up a high slope. The river here is right by the asphalt road. Whoever kayaks on this part of the river can claim the honour of having been in the easternmost point of Poland. At the very end of the segment you pass the first island on the Bug. With different frequency and in different sizes, islands will begin to accompany you along the river. At first very rarely, and then more and more often.


STRZYŻÓW – Lubomirski Palace from the second half of the 18th century and the old wooden Uniate church from 1817

• WIENIAWKA – remains of amanor house with a view of the Bug Valley and the manor park from the mid-19th century, linden tree alley with 300-year-old trees

• HORODŁO – two statues of lions in the park in the middle of the market square; The parish church of St. Hyacinth and the Rosary in the corner of the market square.


Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne NAD BUGIEM, Armii Krajowej 2, 22-525 Strzyżów,
tel. 782 124 178,


Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne NAD BUGIEM, Armii Krajowej 2, 22-525 Strzyżów,
tel. 782 124 178

About trail:


Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship


26,7 km


Strzyżów (cukrownia)


6 h






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