Ślipcze – Strzyżów (Łukaszówka) | 26 km (Poland)


Apart from the ALS, exiting the water is almost impossible. The banksin this segmentare high and overgrown with forest and dense vegetation. Before setting out, plan your stops well. Before setting out, call: BG in Hrubieszów (posts 853–882), tel.: +48 84 697 56 00, +48 84 697 56 05, e-mail:

The second stage of the kayaking begins and ends at the launching sites of the Border Guard boats. You are in the Bug River Protected Landscape Area. In Gródek, it is well worth to visitthe tall observation tower with a panorama of the Bug Valley before setting off again, located right next to the road leading from Kryłów to Hrubieszów.

In Czumów, it is fun to visit the palace from the second half of the 19th century, which is used for residential purposes, although there is also a Regional Chamber of Memory located here. It’s best to do this before the setting out, because at the palace there is no possibility of a comfortable exit to the banks. The main attraction of this segment are the riverside slopes, which reach up to 25 m in high. At this segment, for the first timeyou go under a bridge. In Gródek, the waters of the Bug are fed by the first major tributary on the route, the Huczwa.


• ŚLIPCZE – “Bolesław the Bold’skurgan”

• Palace in CZUMÓW – a palace built at the end of the 19th century

• GRÓDEK – observation tower with a view of the Królewski Kąt (one of the 12 Wonders of Lublin)

• KRÓLEWSKI KĄT – an area of meadows and pastures on the border of the villages of Czumów and Gródek, the likely place of Bolesław Chrobry’s crossingof the Bug during his expeditionto Kievan Rus in 1018. The Bug River Protected Landscape Area, Natura 2000 area and ecological use of BŁONIA NADBUŻAŃSKIE


Agroturystyka NAD BUGIEM Barbara Macheta, Kosmów 116, 22-500 Hrubieszów 503 138 158, 504 174 610,,

Gościniec Agroturystyczny Królewski Kąt, Czumów 16, 22-500 Hrubieszów, (84) 696 26 93, 505 999 488,

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Wołynka nad Bugiem, Ślipcze 32, 22-500 Ślipcze, 607 819 925,,

Nadbużańska Agroturystyka Łucja Watras, Teptiuków 32, 22-500 Hrubieszów, 600 343 586,

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Na Kresowym Szlaku Jowita i Marek Kurys, Teptiuków 102, 22-500 Hrubieszów, 660 097 399,,


Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne nad Bugiem, Armii Krajowej 2, 22-525 Strzyżów, 782 124 178,

KB - TOUR Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Krzysztof Brudnowski, Józefa Piłsudskiego 90/20, 22-500 Hrubieszów, 511 271 552,,

About trail:


Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship


26 km


Kryłów, Kosmów


6 h







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