Sławatycze – Sugry | 24 km (Poland)


Apart from the ALS, exiting the water is almost impossible. The banksin this segmentare high and overgrown with forest and dense vegetation. Before setting out, plan your stops well.

Before setting out, call: BG SŁAWATYCZE (słupki 054 - 089), tel. (83) 376 82 00, email:

The launching point is close to the center and can be accessed near the church. Kayaking along this segment, you will pass another border crossing on the kayak route – the first one with Belarus. 

One of the mostinteresting tourist spots on the route is the famous Orthodox Monastery Complex in Jabłeczna from the 19th and 20th centuries with the Church of St. Onuphrius. This place is often visited as a place of worship and pilgrimages. The destination of this segment is Sugry beach with apicturesque view, especially before sunset.


SŁAWATYCZE – Church of the Blessed Mary of the Rosary built in the early 20th century

SŁAWATYCZE – Orthodox Church of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries

JABŁECZNA – Orthodox Chapel of the Holy Spirit belonging to the monastery of St. Onufre, built in 1908

ZABŁOCIE – Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas


DOLINA BUGU, Terespolska 10A, 21-509 Kodeń, 691 220 874,

Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe w Zespole Placówek Oświatowych, 1 Maja 27, 21-509 Kodeń, 83 375 41 53,

DOLINA ZAPOMNIENIA Paweł Filipowicz, ul. Polna 4A, 21-509 Kodeń, 507 036 294,

Zajazd Kodeński, ul. Polna 44, 21-509 Kodeń, 537 700 730

DOM PIELGRZYMA, ul. Rynek 1, 21-509 Kodeń, 83 375 41 20, 515 129 239,,


KAJAKOWA PRZYGODA, Marek Pomietło, ul. Rynek 20/1, 21-515 Sławatycze 606 972 793,,

DOLINA BUGU, Terespolska 10A, 21-509 Kodeń, 691 220 874,,

About trail:


Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship


24 km


Jabłeczna, Szostaki, Zalewsze, Sugry



8 h