Różanka – Sławatycze | 26 km (Poland)


Apart from the ALS, exiting the water is almost impossible. The banksin this segmentare high and overgrown with forest and dense vegetation. Before setting out, plan your stops well. Before setting out, call: BG DOŁHOBRODY (słupki 025 - 054), tel. (83) 379 94 00,


When you reach the Church in Różanka, this means that you are already very close to the launching point and you are left with only a narrow but pavedroad on the way to the river. Very charming and diverse part of the river. There are several islands on this segment. Near Kuzawka, remember for a moment what a large river it was 200 km earlier, because its width at this point is significantly reduced. 

The buildings only sometimes visible in the distance give the impression of flowing through a very distant and forgotten land. The religious and historical centre in Hanna is far from the river. Those who wish to visit it should do so before setting out. The end of this segment is located very close to the centre of Sławatycze. Sławatycze is famous for the custom of saying goodbye to the old year by Beardsmen, localinhabitants in disguises. In the village, there are characteristic sculptures illustrating this custom.


KUZAWKA – a plaque commemorating the place where Tadeusz Kościuszko sailed to Gdańsk on a galley when beginning his voyage to America

• HANNA – A religious and historical centre in Hanna with an 18th–century wooden church

• SŁAWATYCZE – Church of the Blessed Mary of the Rosary built in the early 20th century.

• SŁAWATYCZE – Orthodox Churchof the Ascension of the Virgin Mary, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries


Pole biwakowe Kuzawka, (stanica nadbużańskich flisaków przy OSP), Kuzawka 65, 22 – 220 Hanna

Centrum Religijno-Zabytkowe w Hannie, Rynek 5A, 22-220 Hanna, 695 988 793, 690 899 688,

AGROTURYSTYKA POD ŚWIERKAMI, Janina Komorowska, Kuzawka 81, 22-220 Hanna, (83) 379-81-85, 514-830-972

Alicja Kwietniewska, Hanna 151, 22-220 Hanna, (83) 379 81 11, 517 127 557

Halina Ostrowska, Kuzawka 86, 22-220 Hanna, 512 190 869

Urszula Łukaszuk, Kuzawka 84, 22-220 Hanna, 833798188, 503870155

Agroturystyka JOLISŁAWA, Kodeńska 8, 21-515 Sławatycze, 600 450 439

Agroturystyka PRZY STAWIE, Kodeńska 16 , 21-515 Sławatycze, 663 768 327


KAJAKOWA PRZYGODA, Marek Pomietło, Rynek 20/1, 21-515 Sławatycze, 606 972 793,,

KAJAKIEM PO BUGU, Mieczysław Omelczuk, Różanka 232, 22-200 Włodawa, 508 691 440,

CENTRUM TURYSTYKI AKTYWNEJ, Marek Kazuro, Przemysłowa 3, 22-200 Włodawa, 505 514 813,

KAJAKI 4 YOU MARIUSZ ŁACHMICKI, Przemysłowa 3, 22-200 Włodawa, 505 514 813,

Urszula Łukaszuk, Kuzawka 84, 22-220 Hanna, 511 103 896

About trail:


Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship


26,3 km


Pawluki, Kuzawka


6 h