Kuzawka – Pratulin | 21 km (Poland)


Apart from the ALS, exiting the water is almost impossible. The banksin this segmentare high and overgrown with forest and dense vegetation. Before setting out, plan your stops well. Before setting out, call:

SG BOHUKAŁY (słupki 163 - 189), tel. (83) 375 81 20,

You are on the territory of the Podlasie Bug Gorge Landscape Park. There is quite a convenient place to launch in Kuzawka, on the meadow right next to the village hall, which you can easily get to by going to the south-eastern end of the village. On this segment of the Bug you can see that Poland also has its own Switzerland– “Szwajcaria Podlaska”, a nature reserve, located around the mouth of the Krzna River to the Bug River in Neple.

The area of the Podlasie Bug Gorge Landscape Park starts here and stretches all the way to Drohiczyn to the mouth of the Toczna River. You can try to enter Krzna and kayak 2 km upstream to Neple to see the manor house complex originally belonging to the Niemcewicz family, including the poet Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz’s uncle. There is also a monument in honor of Józef Piłsudski and a stone “baba” (stone stela), i.e. a cross created as a punishment for serious crimes in the Middle Ages. There is also a shop near the bridge. Then, you swim to Pratulin, a place sanctified by the blood of the Pratulin martyrs. Many events take place in Pratulin every year.


PRATULIN – Sanctuary Of Blessed Podlasie Martyrs in Pratulin; Unice Cemetery in Pratulin; Museum of the Pratulin Martyrs – Pratulin Martyrium

• NEPLE – a park by a manor house

• KRZYCZEW – St. George’s Church


SIEDLISKO NAD BUGIEM, Barbara i Marek Piotrowscy, Pratulin 17, 21-504 Rokitno, 505 298 878,,

DOM PIELGRZYMA w Pratulinie, Pratulin 20, 21-504 Rokitno, 690 606 255,,

Agroturystyka Pratulin Józef Pliszka, Pratulin 45, 21-504 Rokitno, 504 138 387

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne BUŻYSKO, Pratulin 47, 21-504 Rokitno, 509 553 943

Pokoje Gościnne NADBUŻANKA, Parkowa 1, Neple,21-550 Terespol,513 738 929

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne NEPLE, Terespolska 7B, 21-550 Neple, 724 044 555


BUŻNY SZLAK, Stanisław Gryciuk, Krzyczew 44, 21-550 Terespol, 504 247 516,

About trail:


Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship


21,2 km




5 godzin