VERKHOBUZH – BUSK | 35 km (Ukraine)

Kayaking is possible seasonally on certain parts of this stretch of the river, provided the water level is high. This requires prior experience in overcoming obstacles and readiness for frequent trips to the shore with portage. The main obstacles: beaver dams, buried and low-hanging trees, shallows on the Sasiv-Bilyi Kamin stretch (4–11 km), and a dam just ahead of Bilyi Kamin. The beginning of the route is the source of the river in the village Verkhobuzh.

 The most convenient approach to the water is in the neighbouring village of Ruda Koltivska next to the road. At this point, the depth of the river is 50–70 cm. The best way to cover this segment is in a single-seater kayak (crossover kayak). This route ends in Busk. Access to the transport services for kayakers and kayaks is possible by asphalt roads within the city limits of Busk for 35 km of the route.


Verkhobuzh-Source – a spring at the beginning of the Western Bug, and a decorative waterwheel. Forest near Verkhobuzh – scenic and historic site with an area of 59 hectares.

Sasiv – ruins of castle walls near Horodysko. Church of the Nativity of St. John from the 19th century. St. Nicholas Orthodox Church from the 18th century. The ancient family seat of the Daniłowicz family, named after their coat of arms, Sas. Former name – Komarów.

Sasiv – Centre for Space and Communication Research. The Centre is available to visit only by prior arrangement, it is a military facility subject to the Ministry of Defense.

Sasiv – Botanical monument of local importance, “Sasowska”.

Voronyaky – lowland range of hills with a length of approx. 70 km and a width of 7–30 km. Peak – Hora Vysoka.

Bilyi Kamin – castle of the Wiśniowiecki family dating from the early 17th century, ruins of a mill, farmstead, monastery, church of the Assumptionof the Blessed Virgin Mary from the beginning of the 17th century, chapel in Sznury, Church of the Holy Trinity, decorative well.

Bilyi Kamin – the village of Havarechchyna, a former pottery centre. Today it operates as a tourist centre, where there are pottery workshops. There is an ancient well, and in the forest on the outskirts of the village there is a shelter.

Bilyi Kamin – Markian Shashkevich Museum, Podlesie. Markiyan Shashkevich was a writer, social activist, and priest. He was the co-author of the first western Ukrainian Almanac in the vernacular language, “Siren of the Dniester”, dating from 1837.

Pidlyssya Hora (Markian Szhashkevich Mountain) – a complex natural monument of local importance with an area of 147 ha, located in“Northern Podole” National Nature Park. Within the park, there is an ecological trail with a length of 1.5 km.

Busk-Sadyba Yenota Tut – a petting zoo in the vicinity of Busk. Here visitors can interact with raccoons, nutria, colourful birds, and donkeys. There is a seating area with gazebos.


Hotel-restaurant “Nika”, Promyslova Street 6, Busk, tel. +380 68 427 22 22

Hotel “Oksana”, Maydan Nezalezhnosti 2, Busk, tel.: +380 32 642 12 37, +380 96 257 27 27


Bar-Cafe “Filvarok”, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street 6a, Busk, tel. +380 67 425 25 52

Ethno-restaurant “Petrova Sadyba”, Shpytalna Street 18, Busk, tel. +380 97 358 60 60

Restaurant “Classic”, Zwytiagy Square 3, Busk, tel. +380 67 166 25 30

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35 km


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