ULWIWOK – LYTOVEZH | 19 km (Ukraine)

On this stretch, it is possible to use most types of boats and kayaks due to the absence of significant obstacles. The only threat on the route are the remains of supports and building materials in front of the railway bridge 2 km below Ulwiwok. 

Access to the burnt villages memorial complex is difficult. In order to explore the Zastavnienskyi Landscape Reserve, it is necessary to moor on the right bank opposite Starhorod, with mooring site changing depending on the water level. When kayaking on this stretch, it is necessary to take into account the lack of a sufficient number of mooring places. The landing place for vessels is in Ulvivok, on the left bank, 100 m below the dam. Mooring placesin the vicinity of Lytovezh is on the left bank just behind the road bridge.


• Ilkovychi. A mill from the 19th century.

• Commemorative crosses (68 crosses dedicated to the 68 burned villages) and a bell tower on the site of Horodylovych village, burned in 1946.

• Zastavnienskyi Landscape Reserve.

• Prybuzhia General Zoology Reserve “Bug”


• “Three Beavers” hotel and restaurant complex , Lytovezh, ul. Lvivska 25, tel. +380 97 930 17 52

• Mini-hotel “Don Quixote”, ul. Lutsk 1, Novovolynsk, tel. +380 67 361 05 04

• Hotel “Volyn”, ul. Kniazia Vasylka 1, Volodymyr, tel. +380 73 428 64 29


• Shop-Cafe Partizan, Lytovezh, tel. +380 96 916 66 63

About trail:


Lviv Oblast


19 km


9 h