LYTOVEZH – PISOCHNE | 16 km (Ukraine)

This is the shortest segment, accessible for all types of vessels. The absence of obstacles means that kayakers in different age groups can enjoy this segment of the river. There is a convenient landing and resting place located on the left bank nearShykhtari. The launching site is the left bank beyond the road bridge in the village of Lytovezh. It is characterised by considerable transport accessibility, being next to the regional route R-15 Kovel-Zhovkva.

 This segment ends on the left bank, 800 m before the international border, near the village of Pisochne (170 km). It is also possible to moor on the right bank opposite the village of Movnyky (165 km), access by dirt road. When kayaking along the Lytovezh-Pisochne segment, it is a good ideato have identity documents with you (internationally valid passport). In the village of Pisochne in the Lviv Oblast, the Ukrainian part of the kayak route comes to an end. Continuation of the route – Gołębie (Republic Of Poland).


• Lytovezh. The “Castle” recreational area, the ramparts of an ancient settlement (on the right bank of the Bug), long-standing pillboxes (known as DOTs, a type of bunker or guard post built in concrete) dating from World War II, museum of the history of the village of Lytovezh, the Orthodox Church of St. Paraskevi.

• Movnyky. The Orthodox Church of the Nativity.

• The Prybuzhia General Zoology Reserve of local significance.
Total area –1185 ha. Species of birds and animals protected here: river otter, black stork, spotted eagle, gray crane (migratory), and corn crake.


Accommodation is possible in tents on the banks of the river near the furnished rest area with megaphones, Pisochne village, Chervonohrad district, Lviv Oblast, left bank or transfer to hotel accommodation from previous segment s of the route.

About trail:


Volyn Oblast


16 km


8 h