CZERWONOHRAD – ULWIWOK | 20 km (Ukraine)

Below Chervonohrad, it is possible to use kayaks of all types throughout the year. The number of obstacles on the Western Bug River is reduced so kayaking becomes moreaccessible to a wide range of people regardless of experience. The predominant width of the river on this segment is 40–60 m, depth up to 4 m. 

Within the commune of Sokal, there are two exits to the bank: 126 km, just behind the road bridge and at the kayak landing station. The landmark forKonotopy is a wooden 20-meter observation tower on the left bank. The only artificial obstacle on this stretch is the dam in the village of Ulwiwok (Skomorokhy), ahead of which the Sokal reservoir is formed.
The launching site is inChervonohrad, near the suspension bridge on the left bank (116 km); access via V. Stusa Street. It is possible to end this segment in the village of Ulwiwok ahead of the dam on the left bank.


• Surroundings of Chervonohrad, including the village of Bendyuha, long-standing guard posts of the Strumilov fortifications from the period of World War II

• The Village Of Velykyi. The Hand of Rus ancient oak botanical monument

• Zavyshen. The Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

• Sokal-Zhvyrka. The Bernardine monastery complex, former convent of St. Bridget, Church of St. Nicholas from the 16th century, synagogue, “Sokol” Company House, Town Hall, Catholic Church, Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, early 20th century, the Orthodox Church of St. Michael from the early 19th century, the loan office headquarters from 1905, the District Hospital Complex, a boarding school, a gymnasium, villas from the 19th century, the “Man. and Land. The Universe” museum, a collection of works by A. Pokotiuk, the Sokal regional museum, kayak station, pedestrian bridge, closed railway bridge of the “Chimvolokno” factory.

• Sokal. Kayaking tourism centre

• Huta. On the left side of the river: the Orthodox Pokrovy Church from the 18th century, the “Polanowska Bell”, a mill from the 19th century, a neo-Gothic funereal chapel, partisan hideout.

• Varyazh. On the left side of the river: the Church of St. Mark from the 17th century, the Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God from the 19th century, a roadside pillar chapel, the remains of an old park, a tulip tree.

• Konotopy. An observation tower. The Church of St. Josaphat (not preserved).


Hotel “Victoria”, Sokal, Sheptytsky Street 93, Sokal, Lviv region, tel. +380 97 139 19 59

BF “Caritas-Sokal”, I. Franki Street 11, Sokal, Lviv region, tel. +380 50 337 60 23

Kayaking tourism centre in Sokal (tent village), ul. B. Khmelnitsky 36A, Sokal


Restaurant “Zolotoy Lev”, Yavornytsky Street, Sokal, tel. +380 93 117 29 07
Bar-Cafe “Volodar”, Heroyiv Upa Street 42A, Sokal, tel. +380 98 257 87 06
PP Gromadzky Wulyk, delivery of ready meals to the banks of the Western Bug, tel. +380 50 337 60 23

About trail:


Lviv Oblast


20 km


9 h