BUSK – KAMIANKA BUZKA | 40 km (Ukraine)

Kayaking is possible seasonally on individual parts of this section of the river. Requires prior experience in overcoming obstacles and readiness for frequent trips to the shore with portage. The main obstacles are low, impassable footbridges and crossings in many villages (Kupche, Derevlyany, Spas, Tadani), the presence of islets and shallows. 

At the beginning of this segment near Busk, the Poltva River falls into the Bug, which causes a partial deterioration in water quality. The river course is characterised by considerable twisting and turning and the presence of side branches. The best kayakfor crossing this segment is a single-seater. Access to the transport of tourists and kayaks is possible by dirt and asphalt road within the city limits of Busk, including next to the bridge on the Kyiv-Chop route (E-40). It is possible to finish the segment on the right bank near the road bridge between Kamianka Buzka and Zabuzhzhya.


City of Busk: count Badeni Palace with a park from the 18th century, Church of St. Onufry from the 17th century, the Church of St. Paraskeva from the beginning of the 18th century, Church of St. Stanislaus from the 18th century, former county courthouse, the Orthodox Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, the synagogue (now occupied by evangelical Christians), kirkut – Jewish cemetery, about 500 years old, one of the oldest in Europe.

• “Venice of Galicia” – the unofficial folk name of the city of Busk and the surrounding area, associated with the fact that there is a wide network of rivers and canals. In the city and its environs, the Rivers Poltva, Solotvyna, Rakitna, Rudna, and Moldova flow into the Bug (or directly into each other, and then into the Bug).

• The village of Yablunivka. “Tante Snails” snail farm. Private farm raising Helix Asresa Muller snails as well as frogs. Excursions and a tasting room are organised.

The village of Tadani. One of the few remaining wooden churches in Ukraine– the Temple of the Visitation of Elizabeth by the Virgin Mary and St. Tekla, 1734

Tadani scenic and historic site, area – 26 ha.

Sokola scenic and historic site, area – 54 ha. Oak and pine plantings are protected here, as are beaver habitats.

Zhuravy Landscape Park


Private manor house “Valentyna”, Volodymyr Volykogo Street 30, Kamianka Buzka, tel. +380 67 510 15 04

• “Lesna” recreational complex, Ruda, tel. +380 98 266 89 08


“Bug” restaurant (LEOX), Nezalezhnosti Street 16, Kamianka Buzka, tel. +380 50 988 68 03

“Galytska Korona” restaurant, Tiutiunnyka Street 10, Kamianka Buzka, tel. +380 32 542 39 52

About trail:


Lviv Oblast


40 km


10 h