Dubienka (Starosiele) – Dorohusk | 36 km (Poland)


Before setting out, call:e: BG Skryhiczyn (słupki 931 - 966), tel. 82 566 74 00, email:


A fairly long segment of the kayaking route on the Bug River, intended only for kayaking experts, over 36 km long. To get through it, set out on the segment early enough. Possible log jam with a very uncomfortable landing site near Kolemczyce.

This segment is varied, wild and beautiful, rarely chosen by kayakers. Along the way, we pass the village of Uchańka, in the vicinity of which we can turn off to the left into the vast oxbow lake. However, the village itself is far away. You can see the Kosciuszko Mound from there, but it is better to drive there before setting out for the day’s kayaking, due to the considerable distance. Those who kayak from the beginning of the trail will find it hard to believe their eyes when they reach Uchańka. It is here for the first time that we observe sandy beaches on the bends of the river. There are lots of quite nice places encouraging kayakers to go ashore in comfortable conditions, for example, at 121 km.


• DOROHUSK – 18th-century wooden roadside statue of St. John Nepomucene; Suchodolski Palace and Park Complex from the middle of the 18th century; brick church of John Nepomucene from the beginning of the 20th century

• HUSYNNE – Husynne Reservoir, a dammed retention storage reservoir with an area of 120 ha and a depth of up to 3 m. It is fed by the waters of the Udal river. On the eastern shore is aswimming area. In the waters of the reservoirthere are tench, northern pike, crucian carp, carp, bream, roach, and perch. Rare species of birds nest in the area of the reservoir: white-winged tern and whiskered tern. The reservoir has the status of an ecological site


Hotel GKS GRANICA Dorohusk, Szkolna 6, 22-175 Dorohusk, 506 056 201, 608 671 827,,

RANCZO Piotr Wasilewicz, Okopy-Kolonia 32, 22-175 Dorohusk, 82 566 16 84, 509 610 471,

ZAJAZD U MARKA Marek Masełko, Dobryłówka 9, 22-175 Dorohusk, 82 566 55 41,

NADBUŻAŃSKA PRZYSTAŃ Kamil Szymański, Młyńska 33, 22-175 Świerże, 502 167 609,

NADBUŻAŃSKI RAJ Stanisław Maksymiuk, Okopy 156, 22-175 Dorohusk, 506 154 163,

Noclegi Dorohusk – Dorota Oleszczuk, ul. Niepodległości 38, 22-175 Dorohusk, 731 898 359


OPEN BUG Henryk Józiuk, Jana Pawła II 74A, 22-175 Świerże, 504 061 040,,

About trail:


Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship, powiat Chełmski


36,5 km




8 h




U1 (U3)